Mum's The Word A Devon mum shares her experiences of daily life with a baby/toddler!

Mum's The Word

Our little parrot – 19 months

I’m beginning to wonder whether we have a parrot rather than a toddler – she copies everything we say! I really have to watch what I say in front of her and I am becoming quite creative with my alternatives to the usual curses! Even when she is the other side of the room, and I don’t think that she is listening, a little voice will pipe up and surprise me, often to comic effect! A few weeks ago I took her along to a doctors’ appointment and he was describing the potential effects of the painkiller he was prescribing me for sinusitis...

Ski Blog

Phil Griffin and friends talk about skiing

Ski Blog

James Chubb

James Chubb, East Devon Education Ranger explores the countryside.

James Chubb

Seize the day, watch the wildlife world go by

This year, I toddled off for my ‘summer’ holidays in early July, when the earth’s axial tilt during its annual orbit of the sun produced longer daylight hours and, historically, higher average temperatures...

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