Hidden features unearthed by storms

Wooden 'sleepers' spotted at Jacob's Ladder. Photo by Eve Mathews. Wooden 'sleepers' spotted at Jacob's Ladder. Photo by Eve Mathews.

Monday, March 17, 2014
12:40 PM

HIDDEN features unearthed by winter storms have led a Sidmouth photographer to ask residents to help her delve into the seafront’s past.

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Eve Mathews, a regular contributor to the Herald, was enjoying a walk at low tide when she noticed an unusual sight at Jacob’s Ladder.

“The sand has been stripped away revealing features that I have not seen before,” she said.

“There was a section of heavy timber ‘sleepers’ still attached to each other, and several lengths of metal ‘rails’.

“Nearby were two sets of double lines of posts, running seawards.

“Was there ever some form of jetty in this area? Perhaps Herald readers can help.”

If you can shed light on the history of the western seafront, email sidmouth.letters@archant.co.uk.


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