Jellyfish washes up at Sidmouth

A barrel jellyfish spotted at Sidmouth beach A barrel jellyfish spotted at Sidmouth beach

Friday, July 25, 2014
1:00 PM

This big bellied beast washed up on Sidmouth’s shores, catching the eye of a passing walker.

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Julian King took a snap of the 30-centimetre-diameter barrel jellyfish on Tuesday in the low tide, far from the depths of its typical English Channel habitat.

Despite reaching a size of nearly a metre, the species lives on tiny plankton and its sting is not powerful enough to harm humans.

The Marine Conservation Society recommends never touching a jellyfish with bare skin and seeking medical attention in the case of a severe sting.

It is conducting a survey of their main predator, the leatherback turtle, and asks that sightings be logged at

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