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Shortcomings on plan revealed

The admirable Inspector Thickett’s letter on the unsoundness of EDDC’s Local Plan does not include the clear and firm condemnations of EDDC’s worthless planning policies, which he made during his inspection.

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Bridge scheme needs to happen

I am pleased to see the Manor Road car park to Connaught Gardens pedestrian bridge project is alive and well.

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Budget cuts are a false economy!

Hi Mr Swire, from all of us at the bingo club, thank you from our hearts, thank you for the cut in duty on bingo clubs which must be resonating around the country and then the penny off a pint, well ,where will it end.

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Time to own up

I have some comments to make in response to the letter ‘Now wild about animal behaviour’ published in the Sidmouth Herald on March 28.

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Parking problem

Everyone assumed parking had been sorted out on Old Fore Street with the new restrictions in place.

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