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Winged wreckers

Monday, July 14, 4-5.15am, what a wonderful sky – such dramatic clouds of red and lines of lightly coloured blue. It had to be seen to be believed!

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Big Knowle fiasco

So, East Devon District Council is whinging that the application to register the Knowle as a town green has delayed their exodus from Sidmouth and cost them money (Sidmouth Herald, July 4).

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Not very Christian

A recent front-page article in the press (Daily Telegraph, July 8) recorded comments made by the Bishop of Oxford, the Rt Rev John Pritchard, who is the C of E’s head of education, and are an exposé on the current state of the Church of England.

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Democratic issues

The present leader of East Devon District Council, when he was returned (unopposed) at the last district election, coined the phrase ‘democratic deficit’, vowing to introduce greater democracy and transparency into local government. So, what has happened since?

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Big gratitude for Sheldon Singers

A huge thankyou to The Sheldon Singers for their recent ‘Summer Songs’ evening.

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