The JH Taylor Putter is an annual fixture which is contested by a team from East Devon versus a team from the Rest of the World, writes George Carr.

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At first glance that may appear a rather one-sided affair to anyone unfamiliar with the eccentricities of golfing circles.

However, usually, only Sidmouth Golf Club members participate, which rather alters the balance of things!

That is not to say that golfers such as Tiger Woods or Justin Rose would not be welcome, but the sad truth is that up to the present time they have shown little (none at all actually) interest in doing so.

At the outset, then, East Devon members were the holders of this aged putter of uncertain provenance, but club-captain John Rockey, in charge of the rest of the world, (just for the day thank goodness) had plans to change that.

These plans succeeded in spite of two convincing points won by East Devon ladies pairings Julie Lye and Sheila Tallon and Yvonne Anning and Angie Coles to leave the sides all square at five and a half games each and the last four-ball approaching the 18th green.

Veteran fire-fighter Mick Monroe and his partner Ray (Gunner) Gunston for the Rest Of The World, carried their captains hopes, whilst the duo of electricians, Alec Salway and Brian (speedy )Leach had all the weight of East Devon’s expectations upon their shoulders.

Monroe and Gunston it was who carried the day to hand Mr Taylor’s putter to John Rockey and The Rest Of the World - quite a game to be sure - well played indeed!


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