Playing in number two position last weekend, William Fryer, year ten student at St. John’s International school in Sidmouth contributed to Devon’s 20-0 win against Berkshire in the Under-17 Shires tournament.

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The 14-year-old won all his matches in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

This winning formula was put to full use this weekend at the Badminton England sanctioned Kerrier Under-17 Open with Fryer winning 11 matches and reaching the singles finals.

Both players were well matched, but from 9-9 Fryer Will upped his pace and energy and provided the spectators with a superb performance, his jump smashes were particularly spectacular as he went on to win 21-15.

Moving straight into the doubles Fryer and his partner worked harmoniously together reaching the finals.

In attacking mode, and after a very close contest, they became the runners-up losing in the final by just three points. Richard Lane, who coaches the youngster at St John’s School said: “All the serious hard work and honest commitment that William has been showing is starting to pay off. His physicality is very impressive as are the six medals he has won so far this season.”


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