The Golf/Snooker competition is always keenly anticipated, and contested at Sidmouth and this year’s event was no exception, writes George Carr.

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The fixture sees Sidmouth Golf Club lock horns with Sidmouth Snooker Club.

The golfing leg was played back in the summer, when the Golf Club, the current holders of the trophy, established a three-one lead over the snooker men.

In the return fixture, held at the Sidmouth Club, itself situated on the very end of Fortfield Terrace - one of Sidmouth’s icon buildings - the golfers received a gracious welcome from John Carroll and his team; gracious that is, until the moment cues were being chalked!

Needing a clean sweep over the eight frames to be played to regain the trophy the snooker men were on top of their game.

With each frame worth half a point the golfers needed at least two frames to retain the trophy.

Dinner was served after four frames, the golfers having scrambled half a point with Nigel Sharp and Julian Taylor snatching a win when Nigel heroically cleared up from the green.

After dinner the result was on a knife edge and it was only in the last frame that golfers Peter Abrahams and Pat McCormack snatched a vital victory when Abrahams sank the final pink in a corner pocket to retain the trophy for the golfers!

The trophy itself, a short snooker cue with the head of a golf club grafted on to it, is not a thing of beauty to be sure - but is much-prized.


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