This Sunday’s competition was pronounced a three-ball Texas Scramble - it didn’t quite turn out like that, writes George Carr.

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Texas Scrambling, is a very popular medal format, requiring all team members to tee-off - the best drive is then selected and all members play a second shot from that spot. Hopefully by then they should be on the green, or somewhere near it, and so it goes until the ball is in the hole - if only life were so simple!

On a cold Sunday morning, sometime about eight-o-clock, Ray (Gunner) Gunston and (Dancing) Derek Platten found themselves alone on the tee (the absent one shall be nameless).

Nothing daunted, our two heroes decided (as I understand it) they would each be one-and-a-half golfers and play three balls off every tee, each taking turns to play twice off the tee.

This unusual routine proved a winning one and found them carding the top score of the day - 56.7 - (it’s a handicap thing) almost ten under par. Close behind in second place with 57.3 came Mark Thomas, Peter Spooner and Kym White. Fred The Bread, Chris Roberts(CC) and Steve Punter claimed third place with 58.1.

There was undoubtedly some discussion as to whether the winning score should stand for there is little doubt that one rule or another had been severely tested.

However, it was allowed to stand because they may have unwittingly transgressed our two heroes, Ray Gunston and Derek Platten had played well within the spirit of the game and certainly deserved their rewards. Sunday golf - don’t you just love it?


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