We the undersigned were quite alarmed after watching a film shown at The Boston Tea Party in Honiton High Street on Thursday, February 27.

The film entitled The truth behind the dash for gas (which can be seen online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Toi2s05Exg) explains in great detail the risks of such procedures to extract gas by fracking.

Although the film was biased towards the harmful effects to the health of people living in the fracking area, it was also surprising how easy it is for licences to explore for suitable sites to be obtained.

Apparently, parts of East Devon have suitable geological characteristics for possible exploration.

The 20 attendees at the film show were all interested to know what the policies are of East Devon District Council and Devon County Council for allowing fracking to take place in our area.

We believe it is essential that residents living in our area who are like minded make their concerns known to our local councils and councillors

Neil Arnold, Christopher Burton, John Crew, Maureen Fairley, Phil Foggit, Gordon Lewis, Liz & David Morris

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