A done deal?

SIR - East Devon District Council is telling us that nothing has been decided re the proposed housing development. If that is the case, why have substantial plans been drawn up and departments been given closing down notice?

We have had surveyors on site checking the whole of the parkland and surrounding areas. This would not be happening if it wasn’t a done deal!

The council must be aware of what is going on – all of their spokespeople are trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

If this project goes ahead in any shape or form it will be a disaster for Sidmouth and its residents, who are 99 per cent against this development.

This whole underhand skulduggery must be nipped in the bud!

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We must be prepared to fight it all the way.

Malcolm Nicholls

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Knowle Grange, Knowle Drive, Sidmouth

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