A fine old mess!

Re: Article regarding ‘Dawn ’til dusk Traffic Parking Threat’.

Lies, all lies. It’s all about money.

What is it with these so called public servants and their claim that the new proposed parking enforcement restrictions they are seeking to implement will not be used to increase revenue?

Are they nuts? Of course they intend increasing the revenue, and by quite a substantial margin, I expect. How else could they justify extra enforcement officers working longer hours, over a larger area?

Just take notice too, of how the wording has changed. It used to be a traffic warden, and now it is enforcement officer. Same job, but now more threatening.

Oh, and who was the councillor quoted with all those weasel words. It couldn’t have been someone trying to get back onto the DCC’s ‘Gravy Train’ on the highways. Could it?

Another thing, how about some facts about who it is that is supposed to be ‘requesting’ this enforcement, instead of this alleged statement that this is what is required.

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To be honest, I’m quite frankly getting tired of all these so called public servants trying to force through their statutes that I think are designed to remove our inherent rights.

Remember, we do have the power to remove them.

Danny, of the Gauntlett Clan