A Gothic tale!

SIR - On one hot day during FolkWeek, two friends from London retreated to the cool seclusion of the little park that runs alongside Glen Road.

They played a few tunes on their fiddle and squeeze box, to while away the time, and attracted a local resident who came to listen, had a friendly chat and then continued to walk her dog.

Out of the corner of their eyes, they saw two teenage Goths approaching. Normally, this would induce some anxiety, but this was FolkWeek after all, so they continued to play. The teenagers stood quietly and listened. Then, after a while, said a polite thank you and gave them �1.10p!

Mortified, my friends protested, “We’re not busking, please take your money back”. But the youths refused and my two friends, of pensionable age, later toasted the two teenagers with the drink they bought with the day’s ‘takings’!

Alison Kerruish


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