A matter of pride

I used to reside in Sidmouth some years ago as a child and have always relished the opportunity to return as often as possible – the reason being the local people and the fact that not much changed, Sidmouth retained its charm.

We have come back again this year to enjoy the area and have to say I am very shocked at the lack of care shown in the town’s streets, footpaths and the Esplanade.

The areas in the town are exceptionally soiled with bird excrement, so much so it is unreasonable to expect people to sit surrounded by it. We are dog owners and would not expect our dog to relax on the Esplanade in it.

As Sidmouth is predominately a seaside town, I have seen children walking from the beach without shoes. I accept this is not generally a good practice, however it happens.

This is a public health issue and should be addressed on a regular basis, I have never seen it contaminated to this degree.

I actually provide a service to my local streets where we operate our business from totally free of charge to our council, whereby we use our own road sweeper street washer to clean the streets and pavements.

How I wish I still lived in Sidmouth to be able to shame the council by cleaning the area for the public good.

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Sidmouth is reliant on tourism – how this situation can be ignored is of concern to me and should also be to the council and the businesses of the area. I would hope this letter may just make someone feel so ashamed as to go and take a look and do something positive about it straight away.

I would hope any reply does not contain mention of “cutbacks in spending”. I serve on my local council and refuse to accept comments such as this.

Business rates have not been lowered, council taxes to the public have not fallen and increases to suppliers have not risen – as such in real terms it is stagnant.

Please make an effort to improve the street scene for the residents, business and tourist alike. When I lived in Sidmouth it would have been a matter of pride that this would not ever have arisen.

I trust you still have pride in Sidmouth?

Simon Edgecombe