A numbers game

SIR - It was only to be expected that the protest walk to Knowle would be denigrated. A simple certainty.

Our dear leader and his associates will have informed their ‘friends’ in Whitehall that the vocal minority has been dealt with.

We have all learned a lot concerning Knowle, Sidford etc. We have learned that integrity is not to be found here!

We have learned that trust and honour is lacking and can be negated by the dedicated sceptic.

So, we have 900. Below the psychological figure of 1,000! 3,800 passed the Royal York. Some left at the Bedford and Three Cornered Plot, some a Seafield Rd, some at All Saints Rd. Even if 50 per cent left the walk, there was1,900 going on. The 1,000 seem to have disappeared. Convenient.

Perhaps our dear leader could arrange for a walk for those in favour of his dreadful scheme. We could then cut 50 per cent from his total. 25 people do not need much counting even for a ‘developer’. But there would be no patronising tea and biscuits.

Colin Healey

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King’s Lane, Sidmouth