A planning pause

In light of recent newspaper stories, and to avoid any criticism or doubts as to whether members of the EDDC might have been unknowingly and innocently influenced, it would surely be best if no further action regarding planning permissions for development at the Knowle was taken until this matter is cleared up to everyone’s satisfaction.

Should it ever be decided that house building there is required and justified, surely bids for the work should be openly advertised and the best offer agreed before any contracts are agreed.

The public could then see that justice had not only been done, but it had been seen to be done.

In the meantime, if space at the Knowle for staff is so short, may I put forward several practical solutions:

1. Do not allow non-EDDC bodies to use office space in the buildings.

2. Cut back on superfluous staffing.

3. Build on to the back of the present building, or to the right front.

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4. Hire or build extra office space on unused space on Fords’ estate. I believe that they have recently said that they would like some development there.

D Pedder

Winslade Road