A question of Domesday: a panel for the future!

SIR - Why not follow up on the Domesday scenario with a Domesday-type survey, pinpointing areas of deprivation and potential riots with actual and potential resources?

Sports clubs, military centres, public schools, churches, commercial and industrial companies could all be enlisted to add to the exemplary work already being done by the Princes Trust, police youth clubs, charities and individual unsung community heroes.

A panel of, say, Iain Duncan-Smith, Paddy Ashdown, Diane Abbot, James Dyson, Duncan Bannantyne, Jamie Oliver, Monty Don and community-minded Telegraph writer Jim White, could be formed, with strong government backing, to drive the various projects forward with urgency.

The major aim would be to give out ‘feral’ youth opportunities in sport, vocational experience, military discipline and bonding activities, moral leadership and community help. Give them a share of the privileges enjoyed by other members of society and reasons for not joining feral gangs.

Steer the Honours List heavily towards outstanding community work.

Seize the moment to make our society more inclusive, more family-like and much more economically productive. If we can get the feral privileged MPs, local authority, police, law and commercial leaders to stop robbing the public purse, we’ll then have a genuine Big Society.

K Warwick

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