A sensible idea

In reply to Julia Creeke’s letter in the Herald last week, I would like to support her suggestion of drainage at the top of the cliffs at Pennington Point.

Her knowledge and history of the Sea Defence Scheme and her information from the professor of geology make this scheme common sense.

We all realise that the cliffs are falling from the top and the cause that has speeded all this up has been the enormous amount of rain we have had over the last few months.

We also realise that we have to expect a certain amount of natural erosion.

We also know that something has to be done at Pennington Point to avoid the possibility of erosion that in a massive storm could put the town at risk of flooding.

However, what we need now is action, not years of studies.

I hope the district council will take on board Miss Creeke’s ideas so that this very common sense suggestion is not overlooked by the Beach Management Board.

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Councillor Maggie Baldwin

Via email