A skewed view?

I read with interest the letter written by David Barber in the Sidmouth Herald dated March 28, 2014 concerning Climate Change.

I am of the opinion that the change in our climate is due to the fact that the Earth has tilted on its axis. The evidence is clear. I moved to our house in 1999. The house faces west and the rear faces east. At the rear of our garden there is a shed which is 12 metres from the rear of the house.

In June of that year we noticed that after 4.30pm the sun was no longer shining on the shed. Over the following years we noticed that every year the sun shone for longer on the shed with the result that, in 2013, the sun was still shining on the shed at 6.40pm in June.

Now, the house has not moved, nor has the shed so what is the reason for this? It is my opinion that the Earth has moved on its axis. If one goes to the website Axis Shift & Epic Global Changes one will see that throughout the world many scientists and meteorologists are of the opinion that the Earth has tilted on its axis which is causing the worldwide change in the weather.

Recently in the news it was stated that global climate change was worldwide, but no mention was made of the fact that the Earth had moved. I suspect this is due to the fact that as with many facts we are not told the full story.

David E Ambrose

Temple Street, Sidmouth