A truly rubbish weekend, all told

I FEEL it’s necessary to write to you after this weekend of hell. We started the evening with the noise from the boy racers speeding through the town centre.

The night finished with bawling and shouting until the early hours of Saturday, May 17, and Sunday, May 18, from 2am to 4am.

Whilst taking the dog for a walk on the following morning we had to dodge the broken bottles. It was heartbreaking to see the esplanade in such a state, and it wasn’t down to the seagulls for once – as the picture (above) clearly shows that the bin has been kicked over.

The hard work put in by the volunteers to clean the beach had been a total waste of time, as the litter had blown everywhere.

May I suggest that the bins are emptied in the evenings on a Friday and Saturday, as on the busy weekends they are always full, there is only one council worker on Sunday to clean up the mess.

Town centre resident