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SIR - To my knowledge, for more than 40 years, residents of Sidmouth have had access to Church House from Coburg Road.

This entrance saves a longer walk round for the elderly, but, importantly, avoids having to pass the hazard to the car doors which open across the Coburg Road pavement, also the busy junction at the top of Church Street.

This has now all changed and the gate padlocked. This seems extraordinary!

I, personally, had experience of this today when I found the gate chained and was stopped by a large attendant who told me that it was no longer a public right of way and was now “private property”.

The whole issue is completely contrary to the advice given to Sidmothians just some two years ago when we were assured access via Coburg would remain.

Yet, it is the same residents, who donated substantial sums to the Renovation Fund, who are now being denied access?

What is going on? Is pedestrian access only to be via the very busy car park?

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David Henderson

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