Adam and Steve

Fascinating to learn that gay marriage was a huge issue in the town during the recent local election (Herald, May 17, page 5).

It is of course a topic that should dominate our local political scene and determine candidates’ suitability to be our representatives.

Churchgoer Mr Carver needs to be made aware that he has no right to occupy the moral high ground simply because of how he chooses to spend some part of his Sunday.

In a predominantly secular society his views hold no particular sway.

A more charitable, and some might say a more Christian attitude, would be to accept that sexual orientation is not a matter of choice and that a modern society is sensitive to intrinsic differences and is one that rejoices in diversity.

It was disappointing that two candidates showed such a craven attitude that they could not find it within themselves to reject the nonsense espoused by the Coalition for Marriage – whoever they may be – and it is to the credit of Judy Blackwell and Martin Gammell that they did not rise to the populist bait.

Mike Peacock

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