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When will there be a completed Local Development Plan which is agreed upon and reflects the wishes of the local community?

I read with interest that “representatives from Redrow will address the session” discussing the Local Development Plan for Ottery St Mary (“Call for ‘green wedge’ barrier”, Ottery Herald, January 3, page one).

It was therefore not a surprise when Redrow announced that they are considering putting in a planning application on the allotments adjacent to their development (“Homes proposal on allotment site”, Ottery Herald, January 10) which only got approval at appeal, against the wishes of the local community.

Why are Redrow being given this time when the draft plan, through negotiation, open discussion and support of the local community, rationally restricts development to the Southern end of Ottery for 300 new homes?

Already the proposed development in Ottery St Mary is over 400 new homes and could rise to over 450 or so by 2026.

Therefore if Redrow try and change the location and number of homes then wouldn’t this be a major change in the development plan and need further discussion with the community?

Won’t this just delay the adoption of the plan, opening Ottery up for more development outside the community wishes?

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The already agreed development is stretching the infrastructure – schools, the health centre and sewage works are already at capacity and the road system is unsuitable for much more traffic.

It should also be pointed out that the government suggestion of 15,000 new homes being needed in East Devon has been shown to be an overestimate following an assessment of the 2011 census results, which suggest less than 11,000 are needed in the region.

Shouldn’t this mean the whole number of homes needed should be reviewed and lowered, and not increased as we are finding in Ottery St Mary and surrounding settlements.

Nigel Sadler

Paternoster Row

Ottery St Mary