Amazed by report

Sir - Having just received the 2011 Annual Report from the Sid Vale Association (SVA), I have now read their brilliant report on the council’s Local Development Plan (LDP) for Sidmouth with total amazement!

1) SVA say that the LDP completely omits a town plan for Sidmouth, any proposals for Port Royal regeneration, no mention of what will happen to The Knowle estate, and absolutely no plan for traffic and transport.

2) SVA also claims that there is sufficient land to build 282 homes without even impinging on the AONB! These would be in addition to those which have already been given permission but are not yet built....

3) SVA point out that the Alexandria Industrial Estate is currently under-utilised and could provide employment for more than 200 people if properly developed and re-accessed on to Bulverton Road.

The impression one gets, having read this superb report, is that East Devon District Council is totally incapable of strategic planning; there is absolutely no need to even think about developing on the north side of the A3052 or of violating the AONB anywhere!

Michael Rose

SVA Member

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Sid Road, Sidmouth