Assistance was much appreciated

While in Sidmouth on March 13, my husband had parked our car in the Vicarage Road area.

On leaving the car he tripped and fell heavily injuring his face and head.

We wish to thank all the people who came to help.

The staff from Sidmouth garage were so kind. A young man (we think his name is Nigel) was doing all he could to help and reassure my husband while waiting for the ambulance. A chair was brought over for me, which was most welcome.

A helpful traffic warden kept everything moving and assured me that no parking ticket would be issued on the car if it was left overnight and, last but not least, a very kind young lady, I think from Sidford stayed with me to help keep my spirits up until we left in the ambulance for A&E.

Thank you so much. It is good to know we live in a caring community.

Beryl and Ron Harrison

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Woolbrook Rise, Sidmouth