Awaiting a reply

Last month you reported in this paper that Mr Swire has openly condemned the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) for proposing MPs should receive an 11 per cent pay rise.

However, unlike several other MPs, he has made no commitment about what he will do with his extra 11 per cent.

Although MPs’ rhetoric suggests many are embarrassed by the proposal, as Mr Swire says, the decision is the remit of IPSA.

Fellow constituents may be interested to know that Mr Swire has not replied to my polite request asking what he will do with his 11 per cent pay rise.

An extract from what I wrote: “You are in a fortunate financial position.

“With so many of your constituents facing real hardship, their earnings having fallen in real terms over several years now, can you show your solidarity and make a stand by committing to what you believe is right?”

I have looked for an answer on Mr Swire’s website but cannot find one.

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Perhaps if fellow constituents share my concern and write to Mr Swire, he will have the courtesy to reply?

Jenny Page

3 Hazel Close

Newton Poppleford