Balance of nature

I was more than interested by the reply of M Craker to the article of the previous week - “Anger at Fox Death Horror”. For a starter, the statement “Alleged Fox Kill”; I seem to remember that the report stated that the animal was fatally wounded.

I further query the statement “understanding of the food chain and nature itself”. What has that to do with a pack of dogs and 20 plus followers on horseback chasing one fox? His comparison with a buzzard killing a rabbit (excuse me if I leave out fluffy) seems absolutely unbelievable.

It might be difficult for the writer of this article to digest, but I have lived in the countryside all my life.

My previous residence backed on to a farm, and I have seen many examples of natural killing between animals and birds - “The ways of Nature”.

These actions are rather more a balance of nature and survival than the obvious unbalanced so-called “sport” of foxhunting.

It is not the “cute dog-like face” which causes the upset, but more of the sight of a live animal torn to shreds by a pack of hounds, which, supposedly, are under the control of the hunt.

“Hunting was born out of controlling this vermin” - We have been seeing what uncontrolled hunting of our ancestors have done. We now have to introduce several species of wildlife which have been privately reared, to the countryside because they were hunted near to extinction.

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At the last count 65 per cent of the public were against foxhunting. I have seen no reason for this to have changed.

As for the last suggestion “A walk through a town park would be more appropriate”. The lady was on her own property for goodness sake! I would suggest an apology to the good lady is in order.

M Smith, Sidmouth