Bank is the issue

Please can you print this to put Mrs Lynette Talbot’s mind at rest?

As a Sidmothian, born in Sidmouth lived here all my life, there is nothing that makes me happier than to see Sidmouth at its best when Sidmouth in Bloom have done all their hard work.

I was not complaining about the planter at Exeter Cross – the point I was making is that you have a beautiful display on one side of the road and right opposite is the out of control bank. We have to look at the bank every day.

Going off on a tangant about vandals etc was a little bemusing. So I’m sorry if you took my letter as an attack on any voluntary work you do – it was not meant to read like that.

But when I work hard to keep my garden nice and the majority of neighbours do the same, why should we have to look at the eyesore of a bank each day.

Ruth Hill

(via email)