Be considerate

Sir - As we live down in Glenisla Terrace, you can imagine how exciting the next few weeks are going to be for us.

Add to that the smart new play park and we already are a hub of activity.

However, I would like to reach out to the group of youths who were singing a compilation of Amy Winehouse songs at the full volume at 1.30am on Tuesday, whilst whizzing down the zip wire, followed by a five-part Lion King melange from the climbing wall. I got back to sleep at 5am. Luckily, I am a teacher so I’m on my summer holidays, otherwise I would have been up again by 6am.

Having no doubt been awakened by a much higher class of hooligan than usual, so classified by the total absence of swearing or arguing, we were dismayed to see the new park strewn with litter and debris this morning.

So please, have fun - that’s what all the hard work has been about - but look after our town and its residents!

Mrs T Scott

By email