Beach hut anger

I am more than dismayed and disgusted to find that Devon County Council has put parking bays opposite the row of beach-huts from Foxholes Caf� towards Orcombe Point.

Over the past few years, the situation of illegal parking, on the double yellow lines opposite the beach-huts, has caused the beach-hut occupants much distress.

Most beach-huts, in the country, are just that – they are on the beach, hence the name! Our relatives from Australia laughed and called ours a ‘road-hut’ when they visited it. Not only do the occupants have to put up with a busy road in front of their huts, but now also legally parked cars, obstructing the view that every beach-hut should have - that of the sea.

I cannot imagine what possessed the council to do such a thing, other than for monetary gain, and no thought to those that hire these particular beach huts at great expense each year.

There is already a very large number of empty huts in Exmouth, probably because they are over-priced for what they are.

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I would love East Devon District Council, which owns the beach-huts, or Devon County Council, to justify why they have allowed this to happen”.

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