Beauty tainted

SIR - The Byes is a beautiful space used by many to walk into town and, for hundreds of families with limited garden space in Sidmouth, recreation.

However, it is tainted by a very small percentage of the populous that really don’t seem to care about their surroundings.

I’m sure I am not the only one fed up with having to clean faeces off children’s shoes and bikes when we return from a stroll through the Byes, or stopping inquisitive babies sampling things they have discovered in the grass.

I’d like to think dog fouling is an isolated incident of distraction or mistake, but the regularity of findings is that this is not the case. Could those ‘irresponsible’ please bear in mind that this is a public area and children and families do use the green areas as much as the footpaths.

Please clean up after your animals.

Jonathan Wells

via email