Belief and faith

Your correspondent, Mr David Blumsen (Herald, November 25) asks if God actually exists. And if so, what proof there is. He also asks about the person of Jesus.

First of all, there can be no conclusive proof that God exists, only a strong probability based on our own opinion and, also, that studies throughout the centuries point to it. Some people claim to have a personal experience or a personal faith, however, based on ‘Intelligent Design’ of the universe.

Secondly, if God does exist, it seems highly unlikely that human beings can grasp any idea of what he/she is like.

In mainstream theosophy, and in the opinion of many Unitarian Dissenters, the most reasonable explanation is that God is so great that he/she is beyond thought.

Of course, this leaves the door wide open to agnostics and atheists too.

But if we had all the answers to every branch of knowledge, wouldn’t the world be a boring place to live in?

As regards the person of Jesus, again there are no easy answers, and no doubt someone can tackle this question more ably than I, such as your other correspondent Mr Paul Prosser?

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Miriam Brown

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