Belief in God

SIR - The article in the Sidmouth Herald on February 10 regarding a discussion group on God and Science prompted me to attend. Twyford House was packed, and it proved interesting.

I am a theosophist and, therefore, naturally, a seeker of truth. I find no clash with Quakers either, and am a member of the congregation at Sidmouth Unitarian Old Meeting.

Some people disagree with openness, but this in itself as a test of our faith in a God who shows him/herself in any number of ways as we experience life.

Recently, a Unitarian friend, who struggles with or without a god, put notices on the church gate welcoming anyone with faith or with none. The notices have been torn, but we reckon that the mighty wind of the Spirit is testing our faith, because our Unitarian friend keeps replacing them and, you could say, it is good that the notices are noticed.

Albert Einstein, when asked if he believed in God, said ‘There’s got to be something behind all that energy’.

To readers of the Sidmouth Herald: ‘The force be with you’.

Miriam Brown

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Lennox Avenue, Sidmouth

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