Better use of space

SIR - Re: The Knowle - I sat through the meeting on Friday and was impressed by the astute and well thought through defence against the plans by the residents of Sidmouth.

But it also seemed to me that there has not been a wider study and a variety of solutions suggested for the Knowle building problems.

The current working council organisation structure probably needs examination along with optimal use of space in the buildings. I’m sure there will be room to look at functions, department hierarchies and job descriptions since one often finds a growing ‘bulge’ of middle management.

Doubtless the space could be better used, with, for instance, a franchise given out for the running of the meeting room for conferences and weddings. Other space could be ‘let’ to paying organisations such as a vets practice, IT businesses or to other budgets such as doctors surgeries, libraries.

It seems to me that broader analysis of the problems will bring broader solutions for the good of Sidmouth population, quality employment within Sidmouth, the general business environment and council budgetary constraints.

Lois Kelly, Sidmouth