Better ways to the spend airport cash

SIR I have read the letter in the Herald from Councillor Roger Giles.

SIR - I have read the letter in the Herald from Councillor Roger Giles. I am sure everyone will be pleased that the pedestrian/cycle route to The King's School will be made much safer for children. However, what I was also interested in was the statement made by Mr Giles about converting to a cycle route the old, disused British Rail track from Feniton (Sidmouth Junction) to Sidmouth. I am sure, both as a county and district councillor, he would be best placed to give answers to some of the following points and problems regarding this project. 1. What percentage of the track still belongs to British Rail or their agents? 2. What percentage of the track between Feniton and Tipton St John is owned by local farmers and has been incorporated into their fields? 3. Whilst I am not familiar with the Feniton end of the track, what will happen at Otter, Tipton and Sidmouth former stations where the track has now been built over with trading estates etc? Would the proposed cycle track be directed around these estates and, if so, at what cost to Council Tax payers? 4. What will happen to individual households who, over the years, have purchased the track alongside their properties? Will they be forced to sell their part of the track to the council by way of compulsory purchase? 5. What would be the rough cost of bridging the A3052 at Bowd? Mr Giles, the idea of a cycle route between Feniton and Sidmouth looks very good on paper, but I really don't think you have considered the vast expense it would incur, particularly for local Council Tax payers. I am sure if Devon County Council has any spare cash from the sale of Exeter Airport, it would be better spent on the care and upkeep of East Devon roads. Tim Ash Tyrrell Mead Sidmouth