Bible myths

SIR - Re: Bible: myth and reality.

I was saddened to see Miriam Brown using your columns to regurgitate more myths from the ‘higher critics’ she has been reading.

May I just pick up one idea, about the Ten Commandments being acquired from Babylonian law?

Although the 282 laws of the Code of Hammurabi were around at the time of Moses (as were several other codes of law) it was exclusively civil and criminal - and took into account the social position of the perpetrator and victim.

Moses’ law code on the other hand, begins with spiritual principles - love towards God and human beings, irrespective of their social status.

The spiritual values make the Mosaic Law unique among all the ancient law codes.

Also, Jesus and the New Testament writers seem to believe that the Law was given by Moses (Luke 24:44. John 1:7 etc)!

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Maybe Ms Brown is better informed?

Paul Prosser

Woolbrook Rise,