Blind alley?

As a resident of the “infamous Swiss Chalet” apartments and, like all good Swiss, I am usually pretty neutral.

However, having read the letter from Mr Jellyman, I feel it only appropriate to come off the fence. The FolkWeek gave me an opportunity to have a break from staying in yodelling, eating fondues on the balcony, whilst listening to the sound of cow bells tinkling from the Bickwell Valley.

In fact, I went into town most nights trawling round the pubs and bars having a good time and putting my fair share into the local economy. I decided to leave the lights off whilst I was out, energy saving, carbon footprints and all that.. I guess that if you went around many roads late in the evening in most places, particularly Sidmouth, there is a reasonable chance residents will have turned in for the night, so I really struggle to follow Mr Jellyman’s reasoning.

As to the answer to his question, the majority (around 70%) of the apartments in our development are lived in by Sidmouth residents, so, not surprisingly, it appears his illogical thinking has taken him down a blind alley…I think the lights must have gone off!

Bruce Ash

Fortfield Lawn, Sidmouth.