Bradshaw is right

The East Devon Alliance believes that MP Ben Bradshaw hits the nail on the head when he criticises East Devon District Council for the delay in getting its Local Plan approved.

Tellingly, the sanctimonious response by Cllr Diviani doesn’t even begin to answer the questions raised.

The truth is that EDDC’s Local Plan was informed by a body dominated and chaired by those with an interest in development (the now disbanded East Devon Business Forum).

And by Cllr Diviani’s own admission last July, EDDC failed for nine years out of the previous 11 to meet its housing targets under the old Structure Plan.

This neglect has left the East Devon countryside at risk: Feniton is awaiting the results of a public inquiry which will determine if it should grow in size by over 40 per cent.

(One of the developers aiming to build over Feniton’s fields says openly that Feniton should be promoted as commuter territory for those working in Exeter.)

The chief executive of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has written that “the outcome at Feniton will have repercussions for many countryside communities facing the same threats”.

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Cllr Diviani really ought take responsibility for his failings. Ben Bradshaw knows what he’s talking about.

Jackie Green

East Devon Alliance