Bridge scheme needs to happen


- Credit: Getty Images/Hemera

I am pleased to see the Manor Road car park to Connaught Gardens pedestrian bridge project is alive and well.

It is a pity that the only authority against this proposal is Devon County Council, an authority that is there for the public good. Perhaps somebody should remind them of their purpose in life.

Over the past few weeks, since I wrote my original letter about the bridge, there has not been a deluge of letters opposing the scheme.

That suggests to me that there is universal support for a better means of access to Connaught Gardens from the car park in Manor Road.

This is where county councils and local councils come into their own by supporting local initiatives like this. Local people have seen a need, created a project, found the finance and are raring to go once the Devon County Council red stop light can be turned to green.

If the county council is against this proposal, what is the attitude of the county councillors? Do they support this proposal? Through your columns, perhaps they would like to comment?

Eddie Brant

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Crowthorne, Berkshire