Broken promises

Copy of a letter sent to East Devon District Council and Stowford Community Centre.

I am a resident who lives in Chambers Close, Sidmouth. The Stowford Community Centre is opposite my street and every day I have to look out on the most disgusting grounds, full of weeds, mud and dead bushes.

When the centre was built the residents were promised that the grounds would be landscaped and well cared for.

On two occasions I have approached the centre and was promised it would improve. However, this has not happened. The centre has never been a place of beauty. Surely, as Sidmouth Council is renowned for its love of trees and flowers, someone could make this area a place to be proud of?

Many people shop at Waitrose from outlying towns and villages and I dread to think what their impression is of Stowford Community Centre.

Please can something be done? I am embarrassed to bring friends and family to this area and feel the residents have been misled by the committee who have not given us the centre we were promised!

Mrs CJ Ryan

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Chambers Close, Sidmouth