Busking query

SIR - During the period when the Royal British Legion was collecting for the Poppy Appeal, there were two people busking in the Market Square in Sidmouth with our flag deployed and a notice for Help Our Heroes.

People were throwing money into an open bucket (you may have been one of those people).

I was under the impression that this was illegal. I was told this when I collected for the RBL and that a sealed container must be used when collecting for charity.

I approached the buskers and said that I did not think this activity was fair as it was doing this when the RBL were collecting.

I was informed by the gentleman singer that they were collecting for the British Legion and was told that the secretary said that it was OK. I enquired of the secretary who informed me that no one had approached her about this.

I rang the Licensing Department of East Devon District council who informed me that the only license issued for that period of time was to the British Legion.

I telephoned the police and went to see the Poppy Appeal organiser of the Sidmouth Branch and her husband and I went to the Market Square but they had gone.

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The police rang me to say that, when they had arrived, they had gone. Anyone who knows these people should telephone the police so we can clear this up.

The main reason for this letter is to inform people that I am led to believe collecting for charity is illegal when using open receptacles.

Jack Brokenshire

via email