Café not needed

Regarding the article in the Beer and Branscombe news page of Sidmouth Herald dated September 20, 2013 - Clothes shop to wine bar.

I am amazed that anyone can really think that yet another coffee shop and a wine bar is what the village of Beer needs and that it will complement the village.

This small village already has three pubs (all serving food) and a social club, an off-licence, five restaurants/tea shops/cafes, three tea huts on the beach serving food and drinks, plus the Sailing Club which is open to the public for coffee etc, on certain days.

To allow more would only take custom from the existing businesses.

What the village does need is a decent convenience store, such as a “Spar” or “Londis” providing everyday necessities at reasonable prices.

This would provide a service to locals and holiday makers in self-catering houses and caravans.

It is expected that a coffee shop and wine bar would provide two full-time and six part-time jobs, but a decent convenience store would probably require about the same number of staff all year round.

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Of course, if all the houses carry on being bought for use as holiday homes, then who will be left to work in these jobs.

I hope that East Devon District Council will give thought to what the village of Beer needs, before passing plans for more coffee shops and wine bars.

I also note that the plan includes a seating area at the rear of these premises and that would surely impinge on the privacy of the cottages in Hammets Court.

Mo Westlake