Care scheme is invaluable

SIR - For nine years, I have been a volunteer working for the Ottery Help Scheme, mostly with the bereaved, having been trained by Hospiscare.

During this time, I have been amazed by the vast outreach this help scheme covers.

Nothing is too much trouble and everyone who seeks help is treated with respect, compassion and great kindness.

I have seen the care that goes in to the selection of the right people to come alongside the bereaved, the lonely, the disabled, the sick and, and, and…

I was recently alongside a 95-year-old widow, who had no local relatives. She struggled to feed herself, but, after a hospital stay, the Help Scheme arranged for meals to be delivered. During the recent heavy snow, the care agency, employed to visit mornings and evenings, didn’t arrive, but the mid-day meal came, as promised, bringing food, comfort and reassurance.

Recently, I have been unable to fulfil my role because of illness and have experienced, first hand, the love and listening ear of lovely Pat Lane.

The Ottery Help Scheme is just wonderful and deserves all of our support.

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Mavis Eccles

7 Mill Stream Court, Ottery St Mary