‘Cat out of the bag’

Referring to your article “Chairman quizzed over new scheme” – (Sidmouth Herald, December 9). So, finally, the cat’s out of the bag! The proposed Park and Change facility is to be part of a planning application by Persimmon Homes, presumably opposite their current development at Laureate Heights. Is this why the EDDC local draft plan contains provision for 150 new houses?

Any further extra house building in Sidmouth would overload the existing infrastructure - Health Centre, roads etc, as well as spoiling the unique nature of the town.

How does providing a Park and Change/Ride facility for people to travel to Exeter help local businesses?

As your article hinted, there seems to be a conflict of interest between Councillor Hughes’ position as town council chairman and DCC member for Sidmouth. Is he working in the best interest of Sidmouth or Exeter?

Do we want to concrete over more prime farmland, reducing the area for food production, increasing water run-off etc? The brownfield sites in the town should be built on and empty houses and flats brought into use before any new housing is allowed, especially on Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Sidmouth is in danger of losing its special attraction to visitors and tourists.

What will happen to Knowle if EDDC moves to Honiton? Is this to be concreted over as well!

L J Cotton

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