Chain reaction

SIR - Having lived and worked in this town for 45 years, I feel ashamed to read that people are defacing signs at Costa Coffee and criticising what they call chain stores.

So let’s take away all the chain stores in Sidmouth and see how you all get on.

Off the top of my head I can name the following:

Boots, Lloyds Chemist, All of the banks and Building Societies, Waitrose, Lidls, Tesco, Fat Face, Jimmy Greens, Holland & Barrett, virtually all the pubs; I could go on, but won’t bore everyone with any more, but there are plenty. All of these stores do an important job with their national advertising to bring people into the town and provide an excellent service.

By the way, three cheers to Jennifer Corrick for her two letters, putting into words what I was thinking.

Bruce Langton

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