Changing times!

SIR - I heartily agree with the letter from G Clarke, published in the Herald of July 29th, in response to a letter from ‘Name and address supplied’; however, unless one is prepared to put one’s head above the parapet, I do not think that anonymous letters should be published.

Anyway, the letter brought back long-forgotten memories of the halcyon summers of the 60’s. In those not so far off days, long before any thoughts of the EU, political correctness (corruption) or ‘human rights’, Sidmouth became, for a while, a Mecca for hippies, beatniks, druggies and the great unwashed.

Those who cared about Sidmouth came up with a few ideas to rid the town of this problem by various means; the shelters were hosed out each morning at about 6.30am and anyone still sleeping in them, after being told to move, had a free shower, thus having to dry their clothes in any way possible.

The police also played their part by collecting any ‘undesirables’ late at night/very early morning and giving them free transport up Sidbury Hill, past the Hare and Hounds, and telling the occupants that Honiton was straight on and for Torbay you turned left, and not to return to Sidmouth.

Then again, at night, the town was also patrolled by a Council employee by the name of Walt Parsons, a very capable man, who, if he came upon anyone who had not heard the message, gave them a few ‘friendly’ words of advice regarding leaving the town for pastures new; they never needed telling twice.

In those days, for the most part, people had respect for the police, teachers, their elders and the population at large. Now anything seems to be acceptable.

My, how times have changed - and not always for the better!

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G Pickard

Riverside, Sidmouth