Changing times

sir - When I became interested in local government, I attended town council meetings as a member of the public, in the Ted Pinney days.

I heard that listed buildings were not allowed upvc windows etc.

That was changed for hotels on the seafront. I know the reason for that.

Now, later, satellite dishes are not allowed on listed buildings. An applicant in Sidford was told that the dish was to be put on a pole on an outbuilding or garden and not on the building.

This listed building could not be seen unless you had a helicopter. An application was submitted to put a large dish on a listed building in Station Road.

To my amazement, after hearing it said that it could not be seen from the road, the town council supported it.

If it could not be seen from the road, the dish must be already in place. The district council then approved it. I can only assume this will have set a precedent, so all listed buildings will now be allowed to put a satellite dish on their building? I am glad to see that the district council is keeping up with the times.

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Jack Brokenshire

(by email)