Changing times!

SIR - With reference to the ongoing Costa Coffee debate....

I am wondering if all the objections raised are to the incoming of Costa as a national chain or the loss of the Old Ship as a good pub. Would there have been such an outcry had Costas replaced Carinas Nite Club? - possibly not.

Yes, I wish the Old Ship was still there - but it’s not. Costa is here, the world hasn’t ended and Sidmouth is still functioning fine.

Whilst I probably won’t be going into Costa, it does offer some good things to the town - where else can you get a cup of coffee at 7.30am or free Wi-Fi without having to sit in a pub?

Sidmouth, as a town, has a tendency not to like change - comments were made when Knights and Vanity Fayre were replaced by Fat Face and Mountain Warehouse (but both seem to be doing pretty well) and when The Factory Outlet took over the old Indoor Market site. Only time will tell if Costa can survive in the town – W H Smith opened a shop a few years ago which didn’t last.

I’m sure that most people will continue to complain about it only until something else comes up for them to worry and moan about - then the Costa saga will probably get forgotten.

Did you hear the rumour about McDonalds wanting to buy The Radway Inn?

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