Children aren’t always welcome

I refer to the numerous letters recently regarding children in Sidmouth. As a grandmother of two toddlers who visit us regularly, I have to say that some members of the community do not always welcome children.

My daughter and I were rather perturbed, when visiting the Market Place toilets, to see a young mum having to leave her baby in his buggy outside the cubicle.

So, powers that be, a parent and baby-friendly toilet would be very welcome.

When my granddaughters visit the ‘seaside’ I like them to enjoy all the pleasures a seaside town can bring. I was rather disappointed that the supply of small buckets and spades and also ‘windmills’ were seriously lacking in Sidmouth.

I do feel sometimes that people are quick to judge. A recent example was while I was entering Boots the Chemist.

A couple of people were standing in the doorway, grumbling rather loudly about a man whose car door was blocking the pavement. This man was attempting to help his disabled wife to move from the car to her mobility scooter. As if it wasn’t hard enough on a crowded street.

Perhaps those who are intolerant to both the young and the frail would perhaps stop and think awhile before being swift to criticise.

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After all, we were all children once and we too will be elderly and perhaps frail in later years.

Wendy Brooks

School Street