Citizen of the Year Wally gives thanks


- Credit: Archant

I would just like to thank all those lovely people who supported my nomination for Sidmouth Citizen of the Year.

It is one of the loveliest things that has happened to us as a couple. Without my Maureen I’d be nowhere, she’s brilliant.

Plus, none of this would have happened without the close support of Celia Monck on the ‘Joanah’ and her husband Peter, our ‘roadie’, and general factotum.

I’d also like to pay tribute to the many, many people I’ve known over the years, who work tirelessly for a myriad of charities, but who do it completely anonymously.

I can’t understand that at all, surely you’ve got to have your picture in the Herald.

And finally, the Sidmouth Herald, a major part of team Sidmouth. Be lucky.

Wally Cotgrave.