Cliff erosion

SIR - I read with interest your articles in the Sidmouth Herald with regard to the problems associated with cliff erosion.

This is not uncommon over recent years and none more so than in some areas of the country in which I reside.

I refer to the coast line, which includes seaside resorts such as Scarborough, Bridlington and Filey to name but three.

The first two resorts I mention have, in recent years, with financial help from the EEC, renovated both promenades to a high standard, along with coastal defences, Filey being next on the agenda.

The erosion I have witnessed around Sidmouth is reminiscent of the type of clay infrastructure that is commonplace in my area. With some reservations, which recent winter storms have accelerated, in their decline.

Until efforts were made to secure financial help from the European Parliament etc., not only was land being reclaimed by the sea at an alarming level, residential properties had to be abandoned due to health and safety considerations.

Being from the North, with a Viking heritage and without sounding patronising, the sea shows no fear, providing you show it some respect and read its many characteristics as nature would have it.

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May I suggest prevention is better than cure and there are funds available.

“Seek and ye shall find”, without having to delve into dwindling Council resources.

I speak not only as a conservationist, but as a parish councillor of long-standing.

Kenneth Bowker

3 Vesper Walk, Huntington York